The BitDCE Global Launch Conference ended successfully, ushering in a new era of digital globalization

Hong Kong, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via — The BitDCE Global Media Conference was held on June 11 (UTC+4) at Sofitel Downtown Dubai! The conference was held in real time at 18 venues around the world including Dubai, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Singapore, and China; The participants in the grand event and delivered important speeches on major global, economic, cultural, financial and other major topics of the blockchain series.

At the press conference, the CEO and COO of the International Department of BitDCE Exchange gave a wonderful speech with the guests, and discussed the current hot issues in the blockchain industry in depth. 

On the one hand: It is agreed that compliance operation is of great significance to the long-term sustainable development of cryptocurrency exchanges, and it is also an inevitable trend for the long-term development of exchanges. At the same time, the specific contents of the four aspects of risk control compliance, operational compliance, technical compliance, and legal compliance should be comprehensively constructed simultaneously to ensure the healthy development of the platform and the industry. Relying on emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, it can greatly promote the formation of a transparent, fair, and reasonable transaction mechanism, thereby promoting the right to represent and speak in global economic governance. The rational redistribution of the global economy will promote the coordinated, balanced, and rapid development of the global economy.

The conference showcased the status of digital technology development in major countries and regions around the world, and further described how digital technology will change all aspects of our daily lives and work. In response to a series of challenges faced by the current digital technology development, the conference called for not only the need to promote the reform of traditional global governance mechanisms, but also to establish a new global digital governance system and mechanism, build a digital community, and open a new future for the development of the digital economy and blockchain.

After the conference, the guests and BitDCE exchange personnel collectively participated in the yacht reception held by BitDCE, and conducted in-depth exchanges and communication, reached a high degree of consensus in many fields, and was further recognized by all parties.

According to reports, BitDCE Exchange is one of the few well-known international exchanges in the world that has obtained the US MSB license. The Asia-Pacific headquarters is in Hong Kong and the international headquarters is located in Dubai. It has established branches and offices in more than 10 countries around the world. The daily transaction volume exceeds 3 billion US dollars. A multi-level and multi-dimensional three-dimensional ecosystem of global payment + global purchase + global easy has been built. It is reported that BitDCE is making every effort to enter the layout and construction of ecosystems such as Metaverse, NFT and WEB3.0

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