Large Dog Poop Bags With Handles – Pogi’s Biodegradable Compostable Collection Launch

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Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong – Pogi’s Pet Supplies, a Hong Kong-based online retailer of eco-friendly pet care products, has announced that pet owners can reduce their carbon footprint by using Pogi’s compostable poop bags. Composting reduces the amount of biodegradable materials that find their way to the landfill and therefore reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced that contribute to climate change. Secondly, the use of plastic bags is avoided. Plastics, while durable and lightweight, actually cause the emission of greenhouse gases, right from the time they are produced until they are thrown away. Visit Pogi’s website to view the compostable bags with handles:

Pogi’s compostable poop bags are plant-based, strong, biodegradable, leak-proof, extra-large, and contain zero plastic. Pet owners won’t need to get stressed about messy cleanups, even with larger dog breeds because these poop bags are extra-large, measuring 8 inches by 9 inches, and durable. They are available in two sizes: 9 rolls for 135 bags and 18 rolls for 270 bags.

Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles

The poop bags from Pogi’s Pet Supplies are hypoallergenic, which means pet owners with allergies are assured they can safely handle the poop bags.

Pogi’s Pet Supplies has always wanted to be known for supporting earth-friendly values and principles. As a result, the brand has always done its best to offer products that allow pet owners to keep their environment clean while walking with their pets. As previously announced, the company also offers other eco-friendly products, including grooming wipes and training pads.

The grooming wipes are deodorizing wipes for dogs and cats and allow the pet owner to easily wipe away dirt in between baths or trips to the grooming salon. These wipes contain aloe vera, Hawaiian awapuhi, and vitamin E. These are all-natural ingredients that provide a clean, fresh, and conditioned coat for furry pets. The wipes measure 8 by 9 inches and are free of parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, the plant-based training pads from Pogi’s Pet Supplies have been designed to offer potty training solutions for pet lovers. They have a honey-based attractant that ensures pets do not miss the proper spot.

The owners of Pogi’s Pet Supplies were inspired to make eco-friendly products for Pogi, their pet dog, and all the other cats, dogs, and other furry loved ones. The products are available for a one-time purchase or through a subscription, which is easy to set up. After selecting the product, customers must specify the frequency of delivery – once a month, every two months, every three months, and so on. They can get a 10% discount on every order via subscription.

Pet lovers who would like to learn more about Pogi’s pet products, such as the compostable poop bags, can check out the website at, or get in touch via telephone or email.


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