Extra Large Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles – Pogi’s Biodegradable Collection Launched

Hong Kong Island, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via SEAPRWire.com) — Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong –

Online pet care retailer Pogi’s Pet Supplies has announced that its collection of compostable poop bags is now available for purchase on its website. Many pet owners use plastic bags to pick up after their pets, which some may find convenient, while others may worry about the large environmental footprint of producing and disposing of that much plastic, especially since conventional plastics are known to stick around potentially for centuries in modern landfills; nobody wants perfectly preserved piles of poop in plastic bags. As an alternative, Pogi’s Pet Supplies designed a collection of plastic-free, plant-based poop bags which have been tested and certified for home and municipal compost by a number of certification agencies around the world. These bags are extra sturdy and designed to be leakproof, so they don’t break down while picking up the poop, and only do so once they are in the compost. Those interested in learning more about these compostable poop bags can find them at Pogi’s website: https://pogis.com/products/pogis-plant-based-compostable-grab-go-dog-poop-bags-with-easy-tie-handles

Pogi’s Pet Supplies sells a few varieties of compostable poop bags, so there are different options for pet owners who might have different cleanup needs. The compostable poop bags are available in small rolls that fit in a standard sized poop bag carrier, so dog owners or dog walkers who already have a favourite poop bag dispenser attached to their leash can easily switch to compostable bags without changing their routine at all. Pogi’s Pet Supplies of course sells poop bag dispensers for anyone who does not already have one. The bags in rolls are available in boxes of 9 rolls for a total 135 bags, and larger boxes of 18 rolls which contain 270 bags. Compostable poop bags are also available in a grab and go box design, which makes it easy for someone to remove one bag from the top of the box at a time, like they might do with tissues from a tissue box. These bags are available with and without easy tie handles. The bags without handles measure 9 inches by 13.5 inches, and are available in boxes of 140 or 300, while the bags with handles are longer and thinner, measuring 7 inches by 14.5 inches, including the handles. All of the compostable poop bags from Pogi’s Pet Supplies have been certified compostable by US, EU and Australian compost certification bodies, which test the speed at which an item breaks down into small bits while in a compost-like environment.

As previously announced, the compostable dog poop bags available on Pogi’s Pet Supplies’ website have been rated highly by customers, with one reviewer writing: “These bags are soft, sturdy, and huge. They’re so much better than the bags I was using previously, and I love that these are both soft and strong. They seem to be much stronger than bags I have used before because they are so great for picking up my ~50-pound dog’s (frankly nasty) poops without ripping, leaking, or needing two bags. The shipping was quick, too, and I love that these are better for the planet than traditional bags.” Other reviewers also like that the bags are good for the planet, and many have commented that the clear label — “Open Here” — at one end of the bag is an especially useful design feature that makes using the bags much easier.

While the bags are certified compostable by a number of standards, and safe to put in a home compost bin or the city compost system, it is important to note that not all municipalities accept animal waste as compost material. Pet owners should check the regulations in their city before disposing of pet waste in their yard waste or compost bins. That said, customers can rest assured that these plant-based bags are still better for the planet than plastic, no matter where they have to dispose of them. For information visit: https://pogis.com/collections/compostable-poop-bags


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